The Cake Guys

Straightforward talk from two of the leading cake experts in Dallas Fort Worth! After years of experience, there are some conversations and comments that we hear often.

1. “It’s only flour and sugar!”

Chad – “Absolutely not. Wedding cakes have dramatically changed in the last 10 years….actually cakes in general have. There are so many components and techniques that make cakes more expensive and technically challenging. If you see a cake on TV and want to have it replicated, expect a really pricey estimate.” Be realistic. If it looks difficult or is the new trend, it probably will be more expensive than the normal or standard wedding cake…or cake in general.”

2. “Cakes aren’t THAT important in a wedding reception!”

Chad – “HUGE misconception!!! I want to keep it real…even though I am a cake vendor, I can’t stress enough how important the cakes are in your wedding reception. The wedding cakes are one of the centerpieces if not THE CENTERPIECE of the entire reception. I mean think about it… in almost every case, the guests get to the reception venue before the bride and groom, so two things typically happen… The men go to the bar and the women go to the cake, and that is where all the hubbub starts! You can have a beautiful wedding, then the cake is a mess… it definitely puts a damper on the overall effect if the cake is not up to par. I am not saying you have to spend $2000 on a cake, but it is really worth cutting corners by $100-$200 and chancing one of the most important aspects of your entire reception. If your budget does not allow for a designer cake; that is DEFINITELY NOT a problem. If the cakes are not that important to you, I assume you don’t want crap at your wedding. Check out our Sweet Inspiration Cakes and don’t let that almost-collapsing cake, from a $2 per serving baker, ruin your beautiful reception. Remember in most cases….. you get what you pay for!  Remember "Cheap cake at good and good cake ain't cheap!" 

3. “You have to spend a small fortune for a beautiful great tasting cake!”

Edward- “Absolutely not, our Sweet Inspiration Cakes are an amazing deal, and if you are looking for custom cakes we can help you trim the more expensive options to design a BEAUTIFUL CAKE. And as we have said many times, there is not a better tasting cake bakery in Dallas Fort Worth. Period! Come to one of our Sample Saturdays to try our delicious cake and browse our designs! Sign up here for a great cake experience.

4. “Wedding cake that is beautiful can’t taste good, and a wedding cake that tastes great usually doesn’t look nice.”

Edward – “Not with THE CAKE GUYS… our cake are BEAUTIFUL and the TASTE IS AMAZING! Even when food prices have soared, we have not skimped on quality. We guarantee THE CAKE GUYS only use the absolute best ingredients. We have been voted overwhelmingly as the BEST CAKES IN DFW 2 years straight.

5. “Fondant tastes bad.”

Edward – “It’s not that it tastes bad, it is just a texture issue. Fondant is chewy and most people pick around it, but it is sweet and a very nice marshmallow-ey taste. Personally speaking, we LOVE to do cool things with it, but always prefer OUR buttercream on cakes as much as possible.

6. “The Cake Guys are expensive”

Chad – “All of our pricing is relevant to the market. We offer the best pricing for some things, like our Sweet Inspiration Packages and other items it is fair market for the DFW area. The key word is FAIR. If a cake looks time intensive it is going to be a higher priced cake. If a cake has fondant work on it, it generally doubles the time spent compared to buttercream. We focus on bride’s cakes. We love doing bridal cakes. We highly suggest that bride’s research cakes and pricing, but more importantly when you are comparing… make sure you are comparing APPLES TO APPLES…… including taste. When people leave your reception it is guaranteed one of the main things they talk about and remember is the FIRST impression about how the cake LOOKED……and then how it TASTED. I remind brides all the time, we want your business and will be as fair as possible. I will try to get you the cake you want, within your budget, but you have to be realistic.”

7. “The packages are a great deal…what’s the catch?”

Edward – “Absolutely nothing! Our packages are the best deal in Dallas Fort Worth. We offer the best tasting and some of the best designs in the Dallas Metroplex. We can price our packages the way we do because they save us time, and if they save us time, they save YOU MONEY!”

8.  Florals vs The Cakes

Chad - I walk into beautiful receptions every weekend....  and see thousands of dollars worth of florals...  and sometimes...  you can tell the cakes got the short end of the budget stick.  Brides, please remember... there are tons of flowers... but just ONE wedding cake.  Make your wedding cake the main attraction...and the best thing...  Your guests get to eat not only is it a beautiful piece of artwork, it is a tasty item that will definately give your wedding a bigger WOW effect. 

Here's an idea...  each wedding reception I walk into I see tables...and DJ..and the dance floor right in the middle...   BRIDES.....PUT YOUR CAKES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR...ON A ROLLING TABLE...  SHOW OFF YOUR BEAUTIFUL CAKES FROM THE CAKE GUYS...  
When it is time to dance, roll it off and your have spent your money very wisely.  You will love the response and if the venue doesn't have a rolling table ask them to get one.  You are spending tons of money...they can get a table for you!

Find ways to make your $$$ stretch to make your reception the best ever.  It can be done.  Things are too expensive these days to just put a cake in the corner or back wall.  Showcase your cake.... it is art piece and highlight of the reception many many times!